Nurturing, Developing, Inspiring

At Parkside GGI Academy our children are at the heart of everything we do.

We believe every child deserves the best start in life.

Through nurturing our children's curiosity, potential and experiences we will develop
their love of learning and their abillty to embrace the challenges of the future.


Click here for information about the Inspired Learning Multi Academy Trust.

Our Governing Body

With the changeover to the Multi  AcademyTrust the Governing Body is now known as the Local Governing Body. The Governing Body was re-constituted as from lst September 2014.
The structure of the Local Governing Body is:-
                                      1 Staff Governor
                                      3 Parent Governors
                                      3 Co-opted Governors
                                      1 Associate Member
The school has 3 committees:
                   Resource (Finance and Staffing) -    Chair   Mrs. L Kendall
Health & Safety (Buildings Health & Safety and Safeguarding) - Chair   Mr. J. Burgess
                         Standards & Curriculum -        Chair   Mr. D. Marks

Governor Date of
term of office Date of
step down
appointed by                       meeting
attended 2016/2017

Mrs. Caroline Walker
1st September 2014 4 years     Head 3 FGB
8 Comm
Mrs. Laura Kendall
1st  December 2014 4 years   Gov. body co-opted 3 FGB
7 Comm
Mr John Burgess
(Vice Chair)
1st September 2016 4 years   Gov. body co-opted
3 Comm

Miss Roxanne Marks *
1st September 2014 4 years   Gov. body staff 3 FGB
6 Comm
Mr David Marks * 1st September 2016 4 years   Gov. body co-opted
3 Comm
Mr. Peter
1st September 2014 4 years   Gov. body co-opted
3 Comm
Miss Abigail Webb 1st September 2015 4 years   Gov. body associate
3 Comm

Mrs Vicky Fawcett
1st March 2015 4 years 1st May 2018 Gov. body parent 3 FGB
2 Comm

Mrs Christiane Clarke
1st December 2015 4 years   Gov, body co-opted 2 FGB
3 Comm

Mrs Nicola Higginson
5th April 2017 4 years   Gov. Body parent 1 FGB

Miss Helena Southall
5th April 2017 4 years   Gov. Body Parent 1 FGB

Miss Abigail Webb Associate Governor attends Governing Body meetings and Standards and Curriculum Committee Meetings but does not have any voting rights.

 * Governors are related
Chair of the Local Governing Body Laura Kendall works for the Local Authority Early Years Improvement Service Team.
LGB member Roxanne Marks is Assistant Headteacher of the School
LGB member David Marks is the Manager of Nuffied Health club.
LBG member John Burgess works at BAE systems and is a STEM ambassador.
LGB member Christiane Clarke works at BAE systems.

Non of the Governors have any pecuniary interests
During the last Academic Year the Governing Body have faced and addressed 3 key issues : 1.the extension of age range of Parkside from 2-7 to preparing to become a Primary School In September 2018. This has included staffing, building works and finance. 2. Moving to becoming an electronic information only  paper free Academy 3. Preparing for the implementation of GDPR in May 2018.

For more details please speak to Mrs Walker or Mrs Kendall, or click here to contact us.